UNEBSA, with more than fifty years of history, is the EXPERT platform that serves to more than 85 points of sale distributed throughout the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Aragon.

The UNEBSA stores Coordinator and the representative of Escan visited 25th of October several points of sale, PoS in Mallorca valuing the opinion of the customers about the running costs of the white-line appliances. In the opinion of the Coordinator “There is growing concern about this issue due to changes in the electric bill above all”.

Main entrance of Cas Capiscol PoS

Digi-Label project flyer

Numerous points of sale at the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands use the PocketWatt tool designed in the European Digi-Label project that shows the consumption of electricity and water (in Euros) of household appliances. It also compares the energy consumption of several appliances, includes additional information to the one included on the energy label and the product fiche, such as the photo of the appliance, a search option with different filters and the range of the appliance in terms of energy efficiency.

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