The 9th International Conference for European Energy Managers with 170 participants who could know the last advances on energy efficiency has been held in Prague, 6th and 7th of November.


One of the wards was handed out to Mr. Julián San Mateo of Continental Automotive Spain, S.A. because of his work about improvement of energy efficiency at two warehouses of one of the automotive company factories.

The second meeting of the European project with Escan participation took place the previous day. New face-to-face contents and online materials have been designed to be integrated into the current EUREM © training program that has been taught in Spain and in 50 other countries since 2008.

Participation of experts in project coming from Germany, Austria, Albania, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey and Spain, the latter through Escan, s.l. energy consulting.