The Project on HC system replacement campaigns starts

REPLACE project aims to improve coordination in local networks to implement replacement campaigns for inefficient heating & cooling (HC) systems to be replaced with renewable energy sources.

Local working groups (LWGs) will connect all key actors in each region – local governments, consumer associations, developers, energy utilities and professional associations – to steer the direction of a wide range of replacement activities. For the first time, REPLACE will explicitly unite intermediaries, such as chimney sweepers or installers, who have constant access to consumers, and policymakers to develop common activities with maximum impact. Together with a dedicated focus on capacity-building measures and knowledge transfer REPLACE identifies and merges all elements necessary to successfully make heating and cooling for European consumers efficient and climate-friendly.

FEDARENE members will take part in this initiative. EREN and Escan will lead the activities in Spain focused in biomass for heating, while REGEA will develop the activities in Croatia.