Energy efficiency

  • Energy market and energy supply price negotiation report for chemical company
  • Audit in an SME industry in the meat sector, financing solutions and implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • Creation of a technical office for advice to city councils on road lighting projects
  • Procedure for the hiring of energy services companies through the guaranteed savings formula
  • Assistance to improve sales of efficient appliances by mobile application and energy labelling web

Sustainable energy

  • Life cycle Analysis (LCA) and Socio-economic study for food and beverage sector company
  • Study of the installation of a biomass boiler in a manufacturing industry for the reduction of expenditure and emissions
  • Technical-economic feasibility study of a solar thermal installation in an industry for an energy services company
  • Productivity report of several photovoltaic installations of a client for the realization of investments
  • Market study to know the production and consumption of biomass in the building sector and its potential of a Latin American country
  • Technical assistance for a service related to the registration of generating plants in the special scheme

Smart Grid

  • Regulation, sizing and cost-benefit calculation for an electrical energy storage project (1 to 10 MW)
  • Participation in the energy storage project in Germany in the framework of a Smart grid
  • Report on the Smart meters Panorama in Europe, with information from the 28 EU and Norway countries
  • Study of services based on smart meters information for consumers (by segments) through web information and devices


  • Organization and delivery of the European energy manager training course

European projects

  • Efficiency, non-energy benefits and steam management systems in industries:
  • Mobile applications and web information of electrical appliances and efficient equipment:
  • Strengthening the food and beverage industries to improve their energy efficiency and reduce emissions:
  • Promotion of intelligent measurement services for domestic consumers and smart consumer creation:
  • Technical assistance to road lighting projects through energy services with guaranteed savings:
  • Creation of SME cluster to offer high quality energy services: