Energy efficiency: latest references

  • Audit to an SME meat industry to reduce electrical and thermal consumption, and advice for financing the improvement project
  • PMO to advise municipalities on projects related to efficient road lighting luminaire (LED, HPS, control systems, etc.)
  • Landscape of smart meters and associated services report for residential customers and market segmentation analysis
  • Feasibility assessment of machinery and energy systems investment project for a private client, and advice to obtain financing for the viable solution
  • Procedures for recruitment of Energy Service Companies by municipalities, for the renewal of the street lighting by the Guaranteed Savings (EPC projects)
  • Organization and delivery of the ninth European Energy Manager Course, finishing with 22 professional certified
  • Market Analysis for heating systems in the industrial sector to reduce energy consumption and favour investments in these systems.
  • Audit to a chemical industry sector company to improve its energy efficiency, cost reduction and mitigation of emissions, and selection of more adequate funding for improvements.
  • Assistance for improving sales of energy efficient appliances by labelling with ways to improve market penetration

Renewable energies: latest references

  • Feasibility Analysis of biogas plants installation taking advantage of various municipal waste and industrial facilities for private client
  • Evaluation of a new biomass boiler installation in a manufacturing industry to reduce energy consumption and emission reduction
  • Technical and economic feasibility analysis of solar thermal energy in an industry of meat products by an Energy Service Company
  • Feasibility study of three cogeneration plants fuelled with biomass for private client
  • Report of productivity of various photovoltaic systems a customer for making investments
  • Market research to meet the production and consumption of biomass in the construction sector of the country and its potential for a Latin American country
  • Study of co – combustion of coal and biomass in a central Spanish thermoelectric ( 350 MWe )
  • Study of the pellet market in Spain and Europe for the realization of investments in its production and end use
  • Support for a service related to the registration of power plants in the DB of the Ministry of Industry and Energy